Trusted by 3000 Members

Trusted by 3000 Members

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Welcome to GECK Alumni: Where Engineering Excellence Unites

GECK Alumni is more than a name – it’s a legacy of thinkers, doers, and changemakers. Join us in celebrating our history and shaping a future where engineering transforms lives. Join us in celebrating not just a history of achievements, but a promise of lifelong companionship. At GECK Alumni, we nurture relationships as passionately as we embrace engineering ingenuity.

Relive, Rejoice, Rewind: Capturing Timeless Moments!

A story crafted with utmost passion and commitment, Let's explore the strength of unity and cause a change.


Keep the connection alive with GECKA, your enduring bridge to our cherished institution. Whether you're eager to reconnect with old friends, beloved professors, or the wider GECK community, we've crafted pathways for you.
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